How it works

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  • List Properties

    Listing Agents or home owners can add properties to Zeedle through a simple-to-use setup wizard. Setup access schedules, instructions, and automated responses.

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    Buyers Agents and home buyers can immediately search for properties and schedule showings with Zeedle. Give it a try!

Listing Agent Tools

Agent Dashboard

Zeedle consolidates all important things for you to do into one simple screen. No need to browse through dozens of pages! Simply click on colored buttons to take action!

  • Active Listings
  • Customize Your Views
  • Link to Property Details
  • Take action on RED items
  • View the source of the lead
  • Showing Indicators
  • Good – Showing Set
  • Pending Other Agent
  • Action Required

Create New Listing

Adding properties is so easy with Zeedle. As listing agent, you can add manually or auto-populate content from the MLS.

  • Enter MLS number and listing URL
  • Enter physical address
  • Enter showing style (Open vs Appointment)
  • Post notes and detailed showing instructions

Listing Manager

Each individual property as its own respective landing page. Listing agents can choose to hide or share feedback from prior showings on the page.

  • Scheduled showings list view
  • Calendar views for set and tentative dates/times
  • View feedback from other showings on this property
  • one-click access to alarm/gate codes and special instructions
  • Listing Agent can assign subordinates to manage communications and approvals (property owners, assistants, etc)

Feedback Manager

Collecting feedback from showings is so easy with Zeedle.

  • After a scheduled showing has elapsed, and automated text message and email will be sent to the Buyer asking for feedback
  • Zeedle will display an alert on the main application icon for feedback
  • Alerts are displayed on the main Dashboard view provoking feedback
  • Listing agent has a ‘Poke’ tool that enables manual notifications to be sent to Buyer
  • Downloadable report can be sent to property owner consolidating feedback collected from Buyers

Buyers Agent Tools

Schedule Showings

Quickly search for properties using MLS # or by street address. Zeedle is integrated with the MLS database to speed up searches.

  • Simple search engine locates properties fast
  • Select property, select desired date and time, then send showing request in one-click
  • Showing requests are consolidated into a single dashboard view for easy access
  • Add, modify, and delete appointments from one easy to use dashboard view

Individual Property View

Each individual property as its own respective landing page. Buyers agents may browse property details, special instructions, and feedback from prior showings.

  • See showing activity on individual properties
  • View feedback from other showings
  • one-click access to alarm/gate codes and special instructions that encourage a positive showing experience


Share feedback on showings

Following your showing, you will be prompted to enter feedback on the property. This is important information that the listing agent uses to improve the showing.

  • View comments from past showings from other Buyers
  • Keep track of your opinions while they are fresh
  • Go back and read notes you’ve made on prior showings and stay organized
  • History saved under each Zeedle account

Individual Buyers

Property Search

In this digital age many home buyers choose to go alone and tour properties without an Agent. Zeedle allows you search for specific properties and get inside.

  • Enter MLS number and listing URL
  • Enter physical address
  • Enter property type (Open or Appointment)
  • Access determined by Listing Agent

Appointment Request

Zeedle provides you the most efficient way to consolidate communications and showing requests on all types of properties. Use Zeedle to setup appointments with Listing Agents on or off the Zeedle platform.

  • Use Zeedle to schedule showings
  • Use Zeedle to communicate directly to listing agents
  • View individual property details and access information