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Zeedle is the simplest way to manage a busy showing schedule. Use this website or download the free Zeedle mobile app to streamline communications between buyers and sellers of residential or commercial property for sale.

  • Awesome scheduling tools

  • One-touch showing request

  • Immediate feedback from buyers

It’s Totally Worth It

Zeedle gets you inside homes for sale. Your membership provides instant access to an automated showing system designed to more efficiently manage communications between real estate buyers and sellers.

  • The best way to manage a busy showing schedule
  • Save time with automated communications
  • Customizable notifications via email or text
  • Complete integration with MLS database
  • Use the website, moblie app, or SMS to setup showings
  • Consoidated buyer feedback + downloadable reports
  • For real estate pros + independent buyers & sellers
  • No hidden fees! Zeedle is legit
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Agents Unite

Zeedle offers powerful tools for both buyers and sellers agents. Let’s work together in perfect harmony.

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It’s so easy to setup a showing. Zeedle has the power to get inside property for sale.

Schedule showings in a variety of ways

  • Vibrant Zeedle Yard Signs drive leads
  • Mobile Applications for iOS and Andriod
  • Desktop / Tablet / Mobile websites
  • Schedule via SMS/Text message
  • Idiot-proof interface works in one simple screen

Zeedle Dashboard

From maintaining a busy showing schedule to collecting buyer feedback, manage every aspect of your property with the Zeedle app.

Automated Scheduling system

  • One screen is so easy to use
  • Set your preferences and let Zeedle do all the work
  • 24/7 calendar access
  • One touch inteface

Get Buyer Feedback

Collecting feedback from buyers agents has never been so easy (and fast).

STREAMLINED Communications

  • Zeedle Alerts & Text Messages from Buyers Agents
  • Collect immediate feedback after showings
  • Poke feature for slow-pokes
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