What Is Zeedle?

Schedule Showings

Zeedle gets you inside homes for sale faster. Forget all the phone calls and missed messages between buyers and sellers. With our automated showing tools, it’s never been easier to manage a busy showing schedule.

Collect Buyer Feedback

Don’t you hate it when you don’t get feedback from people who tour your property? Zeedle will keep bugging buyers agents to submit feedback after each showing so you get the info you need to improve your listing. You can also download a report of all the activity and feedback collected that you can share with your Client.

Manage Showings

Zeedle is a one touch interface that simplifies communications between buyers and sellers. Listing agents can configure properties to have specific times for showing or automate the entire process to ‘go & show’. All your actions are consolidated into a single ‘to do list’ with one touch buttons that handle all the correspondence.

Tools, Resources, and Reports

Zeedle not only schedules showings, it also offers a bunch of free tools including:

  • Closing Cost Calculator
  • Amortization Calculator
  • Title Insurance Calculator
  • Closing Reservation System
  • Zip Code Maps

Key Features

Schedule Showings

Use the search bar to find a property by MLS # or physical address. Once a property is located, choose your date and time you would like to see it and notify the Listing Agent immediately.

  • ‘Go & Show’ allows for immediate access
  • ‘Appointment’ enables you to choose a showtime
  • ‘Agent to Meet’ sets up a guided tour with the Listing Agent

Manage Showings

From maintaining a busy showing schedule to collecting buyer feedback, manage every aspect of your property with the Zeedle app.

Automated Scheduling system

  • One screen is so easy to use
  • Set your preferences and let Zeedle do all the work
  • 24/7 calendar access
  • One touch interface

Get Buyer Feedback

Collecting feedback from buyers agents has never been so easy (and fast).


STREAMLINED Communications

  • Zeedle Alerts & Text Messages from Buyers Agents
  • Collect immediate feedback after showings
  • Poke feature for slow-pokes

Tools, Resources, and Reports

Zeedle is more than just a scheduling service. It offers a bunch of amazing tools all in one place!

  • Seller Reports
  • Notify Agents of Status Changes
  • Closing Cost Calculator
  • Amortization Calculator
  • Title Insurance Calculator
  • Closing Reservation System
  • Zip Code Maps
  • More!

Tech Specs

Apple iOS App

Zeedle works on iphone, iPad mini running iOS 9.0 or newer

Download iOS App

Andriod Mobile App

Zeedle works on smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or newer.

Download Andrioid App

Desktop Browsers

Zeedle works on desktop browsers including Firefox v53+, Chrome v10+, Safari, Mozilla and Internet Exporer 10

Lets Do This

Text Messaging Services

See a yard sign with a number? Text for an interactive option to schedule an appointment through twilio

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“Zeedle makes showings much easier than other apps. I just love how I can manage my listings so much faster.”

debbie smith @ ebby Halliday

“Zeedle brings me deals that I would not have gotten without. The app is awesome and I believe post showing comments are invaluable.”

Beau jhonson - keller williams residentail agent